What We Do

Here at Wonderful Colorful Kids, we understand that many schools have traditional art classes and practice different mediums in the classroom, but rarely do the students have the chance to practice drawing. Drawing is the fundamental of art and is crucial in every form of artwork. At WCK we teach children how to draw pictures by using different shapes, letters, and numbers to develop their art and learn fundamentals. We teach them how to sketch, and also provide other tools needed to advance their skills with an interactive program which brings the child into the lesson plan. This is not just exciting for the child, but also raises self-esteem and confidence. The results are fantastic and it keeps the kids fully engaged and coming back for more!

The lessons we teach develop the mastery of the tool with which the child is working. Moreover, kids learn how to create stories within the art, and most importantly, how to express themselves through art. Our experienced lesson plan builders work to interact with child’s likes and dislike’s to produce the ultimate creations.

We take pride in our one-on-one work and personal style, which is not typical of other programs. We give our students the creative freedom to work on the things they are truly interested in, rather than using stamped out and strict guidelines used by other programs. These other programs tend to turn the lesson into a more robotic, rather than creative scenario.

Our program has been classroom tested with a proven track record of success. Most importantly, the WCK program has received the highest acclaim by teachers and administrators, parents, and children alike.

Attend a class

WCK offers affordable after-school art education at locations in your community. These classes are currently offered once a week at different locations such as elementary schools, community centers, and more.

You can also find us at our Frederick location where we host after-school programs and also summer classes. Email us for the class location nearest to you!

Classes are 1 to 3 hours depending on the location and the time restraints imposed by the facility.

We offer these programs for children ages 6 to 12 years old. *All art supplies are provided.*

Contact us to start a class at your school!