Our Mission

Wonderful Colorful Kids (WCK) is passionate about teaching kids art. Our purpose and the main goal of WCK is to teach the fundamentals of art and provide a fun and safe environment for school-age children. We strive to challenge each student to reach their individual artistic potential. While providing a nurturing environment where a child can not only develop art skills, but enhance other skills such as discipline, focus, and creativity.

It is important to teach each child the significance of art and allow them to develop skills at their own pace. Our daily interactions, along with our warm and friendly setting, allows each child to enjoy and learn art simultaneously. We teach quality core skills and values that progress your child’s ability to draw step-by-step at their pace and level of ability. WCK goes beyond the arts, to expand the creative mind, practice storytelling, and develop time management skills.  Our mission is to expand a child’s horizons and better prepare them for typical school activities and life in general, all while having fun. Children will explore beyond their comfort zone and begin creating things they didn’t know were possible.

Here at WCK, we provide a service that is helpful, caring, and inspirational. While creating an atmosphere that puts our families at ease. We want the children to be able to express their feelings in a non-judgmental zone. And create bonds that last a lifetime. At WCK, we help develop the confidence for the child to continue participating in the arts and correlate art with other aspects of life and learning.

We are excited to make a difference in each and every child’s life!